Our Projects – The below images are a selection of projects that Carey London Ltd has carried out. If you hover over the images below, you can select the ‘Read More’ option to delver deeper into our construction projects.
The case studies/projects below include work carried out for:
London Square (New Kinds Road, London) – Project value of £1.5m, 4,200 meter square
In time, the site which is now emerging – ground up – just meters from the New Kings Road, will become one of the area’s most sought after new apartment blocks. Carey London will continue to play a key role in shaping what will become an instantly-recognisable four-storey collection of exceptional high-calibre new homes.
Keepmoat (Berwick Road, London) – Project value of £1.6m, 4,992 meter square
Carey London’s on-site has carefully constructed framework across the site and is working closely with main contractor Keepmoat to ensure the project is delivered to time and budget, leaving a legacy of much-needed new homes in this exciting quarter of the traditional East End.
AllenBuild (Newington Butts, London) – Project value of £3.01m, 9,498 meter square
A total of 73 units are being built with Carey London’s skilled teams creating the project’s distinctive five-to-six storey frame in a constrained site near existing homes. Working in such close proximity to a busy road junction, and with residential neighbours nearby, demands responsive and caring community relations. Carey London’s project team works closely with main contractor Allenbuild Ltd to ensure residents needs are met promptly and site disruption is kept to a minimum.
Merchant Land (Seymour Place, London) – Project value of £1.5m, 2,000 meter square
Carey London were involved in the demolition of the existing building, including all temporary works associated with propping the remaining structures, while demolition was completed. Carey London Ltd is also rebuilding the concrete structure, a complex task given the nature and logistics of the site.