Carey London Ltd business grew out of a belief that innovation lies at the heart of finding a better way to build. Founded by Martin Carey in 2011, the company’s specialist knowledge of the construction market and the team’s proven track record for developing smart, innovative outcomes in the most challenging environment, sets it apart.

Our clients rightly demand safe, efficient and quality solutions. Carey London is made up of a specialist team that understands London. The planning, logistical, environmental, archaeological and teamwork challenges presented daily in this city require expertise built on a track record of navigating similar issues over many years. We thrive on the challenge.

Please feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel, so you can see how we incorporate the latest technologies in order to deliver outstanding results. We even use drone technology in order to showcase our construction build, to monitor the progress of the construction site.

Carey London Ltd believe in building out our ‘Carey London’ brand also across all social channels. The reason you will find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and Instagram is so we can convey our message of developing smart, innovative outcomes to our clients and potential clients. Follow us across any of these social channels, we’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Since 2011 the Carey London Ltd team have been dedicated in delivering an unrivaled service in the construction industry and achieve this by making sure we invest in the right technology, machinery and staff. The Carey brand is growing every day and we will strive to make sure we continue investing in our core services, in order to make sure our brand stands the test of time.